Cancer Zodiac Mini Dish -

Cancer Mini Dipper Dish

Cancer Silver Necklace (June 22–July 22)

Cancer natives are all about home and family. They are very dedicated and loyal to friends and family. In fact, they are caring and matriarchal, sensitive and little dependent. They tend to catch up and closely hold things that make them happy and never let go. They possess a deep, mysterious side that can also be gentle and nurturing.

These Iridescent blue 4in x 4in zodiac astrology sign dipper dishes are perfect for multiple occasions. They are not only food safe to be used as a delightful dish for culinary entertainment purposes, they could also be displayed as decoration, other functional uses such as a zodiac ashtray or zodiac ring dish . They have a glossy, translucent finish that shines both spectacularly and differently in bright daylight and low nightlight.

Specifications: 1 individual 4in x 4in blue fused glass mini dish with white enameling

Made in California