Iridescent Green Monstera Necklace -

Iridescent Green Monstera Necklace

 Bursting with rich green color, large fanning leaves, and with the ability to grow nearly tens of feet into the air, the Monstera plant symbolizes the life giving oxygen plants give us.

Our Iridescent Green Monstera leaf glass pendant celebrates the majestic plant in a vibrant true green hue with shimmering iridescence. Fired to an impressive 1450 degrees Fahrenheit using multiple sheets of glass they are made carefully by hand with a glossy and sparkling finish. A gold-plated chain is included with the pendant.

Charm: Irridized glass, 1.25” charm. 4mm thick
Bail/Finding: Gold or Silver plated on back
Specifications: Gold or Silver plated Chain

Because each piece is handmade, color collections are limited.

Made in the U.S.A.

Chain Length
Metal Color