Set of 3 Glass Monstera Dishes -

Blue Green Monstera Leaf Set

Set of 3 Glass Monstera Dishes in Blue Green

The Monstera flowering plant is be well-known in its native and tropical regions of the South Americas, but to many this playful and “earthy” plant has made its way into the homes and hearts across the globe. With its vibrant green leaves and gregariously robust appearance, this plant is teeming with life.

Our Monstera collection is made with thin glass threads in a variety of green and white cream colors. The threads of glass are pulled from a re-melted glass sheets and fused with gold iridescent glass.

The plates serve as decorative pieces, but they are also food safe as well. With plates as lovely as these, it would be a shame not to show them off to guests sometimes as culinary entertainment vessels.

With a gleaming, glossy finish the Monstera collection will make wonderful luxury gift for any plant lover.

Each Leaf is approximately 5" tall x 4 1/2" wide