Luxury Glass Monstera Gifts -

Monstera Mini's in Iridescent Green

Bursting with rich green color, unforgetting fanning leaves, and with the ability to grow up to multiple stories high in the air, the Monstera plant symbolizes the life-giving oxygen plants give us. Often referred to as "swiss cheese tree” and even in Italy as the “Lion’s paw,” the Monstera plant has entered the lives, homes, office spaces, and outdoor regions across the planet.

It’s striking appearance was once typically relegated to native and tropical regions of the South Americas, but clearly, this is a plant that is now memorable and very hard to miss around the globe.

These vivid green Monstera fused glass decorative dish are also hard to miss. With a bright grassy green color, expertly crafted fused glass leaves, this small collection set would make that nice pop or accent of color on a table or as a decorative piece.

They are also food safe for any that like to showcase dishes both as artistic marvels and as functional dishes. They are handmade in California, iridescent, possess a glossy shine and finish, and would serve as a perfect gift for anyone that likes Monstera themed items or anything a bit more luxurious and unique than the typical dish collection. 

Sold individually but look great as a set.

2.75" x 2.75" Each