Frenchie V-Day Necklace -

Frenchie V-Day Necklace

Limited Edition Valentines Day French Bulldog Necklace in Heart Mini Print

Our French Bulldog head dichroic glass pendant showcases the amusing and pleasant aspect of breed by taking note of its precious pointy ears. An array of glimmering colors twinkle in the light when it is worn. This pendant was fired to 1450 degrees Fahrenheit to produce its glossy finish and was handmade 100% in California. A gold-plated chain is included with the piece so it can be worn as a necklace.

Specifications: Charm: Dichroic glass, 1.35” charm. 4mm thick

Bail/Finding: Rose Gold plated on back

Specifications: Rose Gold plated 17.7" Chain, 18" Gold Chain

Due to the cut of the glass, the colors and patterns in each piece of the collection will vary.


Because each piece is handmade, color collections are limited. 


Made in the USA

Is that a “Frenchie?” dog head pendant? Bien sûr! Definitely known as one of the cutest dog breeds today, the beloved Bouledogue Français or more commonly known as the French Bulldog, or “Frenchie,” certainly knows how to steal the show. Bred to be a companion dog, the Frenchie is a cross between toy English bulldogs and French “ratters” or terriers known usually for having a smooth coat and erect, pointy ears. This gives Frenchies their distinct look and small stature. One of the most distinct features of the dog are its tall and memorably large ears. Full of personality, it is hard to forget your first encounter with a French Bulldog. Small, but full of spunk and life, Frenchies have an unforgettable presence for a tinier dog. 

Rose Gold
Black Pink